seastainable ventures project

We identify and combine scientific innovations and pioneer technology to develop and implement nature-based solutions to restore marine ecosystems, increase biodiversity and biomass, and fight against climate change, by increasing carbon sequestration and ecosystems’ resilience.

blue economy and nature-based solutionS:

our mission and vision

To become the number one Venture Builder Ecosystem specialized in Blue Economy and Nature-Based Solutions in Europe.

To help society to transition towards a sustainable development model, protecting the oceans and preserving biodiversity for future generations. We want to make marine sustainability an opportunity to create social and economic wealth.

our solutions to restore the marine natural capital

The projects and the solutions we design, based on the Ecosystems’ good and services being restored or enhanced, have to be scalable, environmentally sustainable and economically viable.

In summary, we generate value by empowering the oceans.


Seastainable Ventures has created a complete 3-pillar ecosystem, operating all along the value chain, maximizing its consistency and growth potential:


The Blue Economy seeks sustainable management of Marine Natural Capital (the natural resources of the oceans and coastlines) to guarantee it’s – and our – future.

Our seas are the origin and the main foundation of life on earth. They are the main water reserve and the same time the most affected environment in the climate change process.

Two thirds of the wealth created by the seas depends on the health of our oceans. The Blue Economy is a global social priority and it is also the UN Sustainable Development Goal n. 14: Life Below the Water.

Data about Blue Economy

40% of the population lives in coastal area

70% of the oxygen produced on Earth comes from the oceans

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30% of the anthropogenic emissions of CO2 is absorbed by the Oceans

5,4M jobs in Europe depend on the seas

€566 billions of wealth generated annually, which is forecast to double by 2030

Oceans are the origin and principal basis of life on Earth, the main reserve of water and a key factor in mitigating the climate change. They provide us with a wide variety of resourses (Regulation, Supply and Social), but over- exploiting them imperils the sustainability of the whole system. Therefore, it is imperative to develop innovative practices to aid economies in their transition to sustainable growth, (European Commission, 2014).