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Seastainable Ventures

It's time for the Blue Economy

The Blue Economy seeks to sustainably manage natural marine capital (the natural resources of the oceans and coasts),
to guarantee its future, and therefore ours.

Our seas are the origin and the main foundation of life on earth.
They are the main water reserve and at the same time the most affected environment in the climate change process.
Their overexploitation endangers the sustainability of the system.


of the population
lives in coastal areas.

5,4 million jobs in Europe depend on the seas.


€566 billion of wealth generated annually, which is forecast to double by 2030

Essential for life:

70% of the oxygen produced
on Earth comes from the oceans

Society needs help in its transition
towards a sustainable development model, protecting the oceans
and preserving biodiversity for future generations.

Seastainable Ventures promotes projects that facilitate this transition,
focusing on technology, innovation and science.

Our Blue Partners